Pakenham Consolidated School offers an extensive specialist program that we are very proud of. In 2017, Students in Foundation to Year 4 attend 4, 1 hour specialist classes a week including PE, Performing Arts, ICT, Science and Visual Arts. 


In Years 5 & 6 students participate in an Electives program which offers a whole range of subjects from each curriculum area in which they can choose from each term including fitness, cooking, dance, art, science and ICT. 


What's happening in Specialists this year?



ICT:  Miss Fiona Astridge and Mrs Nicole Jones  


This semester we will continue exploring coding and will be working on our Powerpoints, learning about data transfer and exploring online coding clubs.

The Foundation students will be logging onto the computers with their own username and password. They will also start exploring different Windows programs like Excel and Word.

Grade 1 and 2 students will begin creating their own simple apps and using the desktop computers to continue working on the skills they current have.

The Grade 3 and 4 students will be exploring more in depth coding using coding clubs and app developer cards.  They will also be learning communication skills through messaging and file transfer to a USB.


Visual Arts:  Mrs Nicole Jones





This term our focus is on techniques, textiles and 3D modelling. Students will be able to use materials such as paints, hessian, cardboard tubing, wire and Magiclay to create  2D and 3D artworks.  Projects include a shadow figurine, monochrome painting, Magiclay domestic animal, marbled insects, cardboard bird house and a totem pole.




This term our focus is on techniques, textiles and 3D modelling and construction. Students will use a variety of materials including hessian, wool, paints, wire, clay and dyes to create a range of 2D and 3D artefacts. Projects include a sunset painting,  clay  wild animals and habitats, dye sprayed insects, paper construction mouse house and a totem pole.

PE:  Mrs Stacie Gardiner and Mrs Sian Woodberry



This semester in foundation and year 1 the students will focus on fitness health and wellbeing. Students will revisit the fundamental motor skills such as running, skipping jumping, hoping and throwing and catching. Students will be introduced to cricket, both bating and bowling.




The year 2 students will continue to revise the skills taught this year, through games such as soccer, basketball, and throwing and catching for accuracy. Student will be involved in the games of cricket, rounders and tennis.




The year 3 and 4 students will continue to work on their fitness and endurance through different fitness tests. The student’s will participate and umpie in games such as cricket, tennis, t- ball and lacrosse.



Science:  Miss Carla Coutts


Grade Foundation and One students will be beginning their topic on Physical Sciences. Students will explore movement, motion, energy, push and pull. 


Grade Two students will be beginning their topic on Earth and Space Sciences. Students will be looking at the weather Earth's resources and sustainability. 

Performing Arts: Ms Moyra Taylor and Mrs Sarah Munday


In Performing Arts this term students will continue to be involved in a variety of musical activities to enhance their music skills. They will be working on learning the lyrics and choreography of their grades chosen item in preparation for our annual Christmas Concert which is held on early December.





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